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  • On October 23, 2015


 Winterization / 820 views

Domestic Plumbing: Dry Heat City Water (Up to 3.5 Bathrooms) $154.00 Domestic Plumbing: Radiant Heat City Water (Up to 3 Bathrooms) Additional City Water (Up to 3.5 Bathroom Starting at $275.00 Heat De-winterization $125.00 Domestic Plumbing: Steam Heat Starting at $275.00 Radiant Heat De-winterization Starting at $275.00 Sprinkler System* Up to (8) zones (City Water) separate trip More than eight (8) zones (Each additional zone $ 83.00 . To order winterization or de-winterization services contact: WOLVERINE SECURING, INC., 7527 Olde Sturbridge Trail, Clarkson, MI 48012, (248) 882-2391. Email the winterization request to ddurham@wolverinesecuring.com or fax to (248) 625-8390, add ‘Real Estate One Winterization’ on the subject line. When the work is completed, owner will provide payment directly to the vendor